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    Hoa Binh has a population by far has more than 800,000, of which working-age population totals 523,400, accounting for 64%. It is estimated that 14.5 thousand employments are generated per year, exceeding an annual target of 13,000 jobs. The province’s economy is seen to enjoy a year-on year growth of 8% during the 2000 - 2005 period. In particular, the industrial and construction sector had an annual expansion of 16%, with an 18.5% bounce in industry and handicraft and a 12% rise in construction. Meanwhile, the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector surged by 4.9% and the service sector accelerated by 8.2%. Additionally, several socio-economic targets were met at high levels with gradual improvements in people’s lives. Positive changes were seen in the province’s economic structure with an increase in the shares of the industry, construction and service sectors. New products have emerged as a result of the application of more advanced technologies in industry and service. Some improvements have been recorded for changing the structure of agriculture.

    Hoa Binh is home to multi-ethnicities, including six main groups: Kinh (accounting for 27.7%), Muong (63.3%), Thai (3.99%), Tay (2.71%), Dao (1.73%), H’Mong and others (0.57%). The province had a population density of 170 people per sq km in 2006. Its population is unevenly distributed, with roughly 80 % living in lowlands and in the city.  Per capita income in Hoa Binh is estimated at VND 4.3 million, higher than a target of VND 4 million.

    (Source: Hoa Binh Province’s Socio-Economic Development Plan for the 2006 – 2010 period)

    The following table gives data on Hoa Binh’s administrative divisions, population and density in 2005:

    Hoa Binh’s administrative divisions, population and density, 2005


    City and districts

    No. of communes

    No. of wards and towns

    Land area (Sq. km)

    Average population  (People)


    Hoa Binh City






    Da Bac District






    Mai Chau District






    Ky Son District






    Luong Son District






    Cao Phong District






    Kim Boi District






    Tan Lac District






    Lac Son District






    Lac Thuy District






    Yen Thuy District










    (Source: Hoa Binh Department of Statistics)

    1.       Hoa Binh City

    ·        Location: Hoa Binh City is bounded on the north by Thanh Son District, Phu Tho Province, on the east by Ky Son – Kim Boi, on the south by Cao Phong, and on the west by Da Bac.

    ·        Area: 133 sq km

    ·        Population: 83,607

    ·        Population density: 628.6 people per sq km

    ·        Arable land: 1,541.092 hectares

    ·        Forestry land: 4,757.62 hectare

    ·        Administrative divisions:
    8 wards: Dong Tien, Phuong Lam, Cham Mat, Thai Binh, Tan Hoa, Huu Nghi, Tan Thinh, and Thinh Lang
    6 communes: Su Ngoi, Dan Chu, Thong Nhat, Yen Mong, Hoa Binh, and Thai Thinh 

    2.       Da Bac District

    ·         Location: Da Bac District borders Phu Tho to the north, Son La to the west, Hoa Binh City to the east, and Tan Lac and Mai Chau to the south

    ·         Area: 820 sq km

    ·         Population: 51,800

    ·         Population density: 63.2 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: A very small part

    ·         Forestry land: 30, 522 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions:
    20 communes: Tan Minh, Doan Ket, Trung Thanh, Yen Hoa, Dong Ruong, Tan Dan, Tien Phong, Dong Nghe, Suoi Nay, Muong Tuong, Dong Chum, Muong Khieng, Giap Dat,Tan Pheo, Vay Nua, Hien Luong, Toan Son, Cao Son, Tu Ly, and Hao Ly

                        01 town: Da Bac

          3. Mai Chau District

    ·         Location: Mai Chau District is adjacent Moc Chau (Son La Province) to the north and Da Bac, Tan Lac to the east

    ·         Area: 519 sq km

    ·         Population: 49,670

    ·         Population density: 95.7 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 5,039 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 35,350 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions
    21 communes: Chieng Chau, Na Phon, Toong Dau, Dong Ban, Phuc Xa, Tan Son, Noong Luong, Ba Thanh, Thung Khe, Phu Bin, Cun Pheo, Pieng Ve, Bao La, Lam Khoe, Mai Hich, Van Mai, Mai Ha, Tan Mai, and Phu Thanh.

    01 town: Mai Chau

          4. Ky Son District

    ·         Location: Ky Son District adjoins Ba Vi (Ha Tay Province) to the north, Luong Son and Kim Boi to the east, and Hoa Binh City and Da Bac to the south

    ·         Area: 202 sq km

    ·         Population: 35,307

    ·         Population density: 174.8 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 2,906.400 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 5,675.26 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions:
    09 communes: Trung Minh, Dan Ha, Mong Hoa, Dan Hoa, Hop Thanh, Hop Thinh, Phu Minh, Phuc Tien, and Doc Lap
    01 town: Ky Son

    5. Luong Son District

    ·         Location: Luong Son District is bounded by Quoc Oai (Ha Tay Province) on the east, Ky Son on the west, Kim Boi on the south, Ba Vi on the north, and Thach That on the north-west.

    ·         Area: 375 sq km

    ·         Population: 82,014

    ·         Population density: 218.7 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 17,556 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 8,152 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions”
    17 communes: Yen Quang, Yen Trung, Yen Binh, Tien Xuan, Dong Xuan, Hoa Son, Lien Son, Thanh Lap, Trung Son, Tien Xuan, Nhuan Trach, Cu Yen, Tan Vinh, Hop Hoa, Cao Ram, Truong Son, and Lam Son

    01 town: Luong Son

       6. Cao Phong District

    ·         Location: Cao Phong District borders Kim Boi to the east, Tan Lac to west, Luong Son to the south, and Da Bac to the north

    ·         Area: 254 sq km

    ·         Population: 41,014

    ·         Population density: 161.5 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 4,165 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 6,200 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions
    12 communes: Yen Phuong, Yen Lap, Duy Phong, Tay Phong, Tan Phong, Dong Phong, Thu Phong, Xuan Phong, Bac Phong, Binh Thanh, and Thung Nai
    01 town: Cao Phong

    7. Kim Boi District

    ·         Location: Kim Boi District borders My Duc District (Ha Tay Province) to the east, Lac Son, Tan Lac, Ky Son and Hoa Binh City to the west and the north-west, Luong Son to the north and Lac Thuy to the south.

    ·         Area: 681 sq km

    ·         Population: 142,370

    ·         Population density: 209.1 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 10,611 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 22,563 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions
    35 communes: Bac Son, Binh Son, Cao Duong, Cao Thang, Cuoi Ha, Dong Bac, Du Sang, Ha Bi, Hop Chau, Hop Dong, Hop Kim, Hop Thanh, Hung Tien, Kim Binh, Kim Boi, Kim Son, Kiem Tien, Kim Truy, Lap Chieng, My Hoa, Nat Son, Nuong Dam, Sao Bay, Son Thuy, Tan Thanh, Thanh Luong, Thuong Bi, Thuong Tien, Trung Bi, Tu Son, Vinh Dong,Vinh Tien, Long Son, Nam Thuong, Thanh Nong

    02 towns: Bo and Thanh Ha

          8. Tan Lac District

    ·         Location: Tan Lac District adjoins Da Bac to the north, Mai Chau to the west, Cao Phong to the east, and the districts of Ba Thuoc (Thanh Hoa) and Lac Son to the south.

    ·         Area: 523 sq km

    ·         Population: 78,791

    ·         Density: 150.7 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 7,156 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 27,947 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions:
    23 communes: Quy Hau, Quy My, Quyet Chien, Tuan Lo, Trung Hoa, Nam Son, Ngoi Hoa, Ngo Luong, Phu Cuong, Phu Vinh, Thanh Hoi, Gia Mo. Go Nhan, Lo Son, Lung Van, Man Duc, My Hoa, Tu Le, Phong Phu, Ngoc My, Bac Son, Dinh Giao and Dong Lai.

    01 town: Muong Khien

          9. Lac Son District

    ·         Location: Lac Son Districts is bounded on the north by Kim Boi, Tan Lac on the west, Yen Thuy on the east, and Thach Thanh (Thanh Hoa) on the south

    ·         Area: 580 sq km

    ·         Population: 132,384

    ·         Population density: 228.2 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 11,374 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 30,037 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions:
    28 communes: An Nghia, Binh Cang, Binh Chan, Binh Hem, Chi Dao, Chi Thien, Dinh Cu, Huong Nhuong, Lien Vu, Mien Doi, My Thanh, Ngoc Lau, Ngoc Son, Phu Luong, Phuc Tuy, Quy Hoa, Tan Lap, Tan My, Thuong Coc, Tuan Dao, Van Nghia, Van Son, Xuat Hoa, Yen Nghiep, Yen Phu, Tu Do, Nhan Nghia, and Vu Lam

    01 town: Vu Ban

    10. Lac Thuy District

    ·         Location: Lac Thuy District borders Kim Bang District (Ha Nam Province) to the east, Yen Thuy to the west, Kim Boi to the north, and Gia Vien, Nho Quan (Ninh Binh Province) to the south.

    ·         Area: 293 sq km

    ·         Population: 50,140

    ·         Population density: 171.1 people per sq km

    ·         Arable land: 5,422 hectares

    ·         Forestry land: 12,766 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions:
    12 communes: An Lac, Co Nghia, Dam Da, Dam Mon, Dong Tam, Hung Thi, Khoan Du, Lac Long, Lien Hoa, Phu Lao, Yen Bong and Phu Thanh

    01 town: Chi Ne

         11. Yen Thuy District

    ·         Location: Yen Thuy District is bounded on the east by Lac Thuy, Nho Quan (Ninh Binh Province) and Thach Thanh (Thanh Hoa) to the south, and Kim Boi to the north

    ·         Area: 282 sq km

    ·         Population: 63,033  

    ·         Population density: 223.5 people per  sq km

    ·         Forestry land: 20.400 hectares

    ·         Administrative divisions:
    12 communes: Bao Hieu, Da Phuc, Doan Ket, Huu Loi, Lac Hung, Lac Luong, Lac Sy, Lac Thinh, Phu Lai, Yen Lac, Yen Tri, and Ngoc Luong

    01 town: Hang Tram

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